The experiment, if successfully completed, has a potential to answer many more questions - be it related to the issue of Big Bang or supporting String Theory. This experiment will guide us in search of God (or god like particle), it is claimed. This experiment may give a new direction to the theories of Theologists and Metaphysicists.

Mainly three questions will get answered after the successful experiment.

First being the search for God Like particle - Higgs Boson. This will either go in it's way or will get ruled out completely.

Second is the support for Supersymmetry Theory, that whether antimatter exists and if it does, then what is their source of energy?

Third being the supporter to String Theory confirming the existence of multidimensional universe.

There are other questions too but they will automatically get answered after the confirmation of basic questions. A set of six detectors will be used confirming the results of these basic questions and few more inside questions. Four being the major detectors namely ATLAS ( A toroidal LHC Apparatus) confirming String Theory question, CMS (Compact Muon Solenoid) confirming for Higgs Boson, ALICE ( A Large Ion Collider Experiment) clarifying thoughts on Quark-Gluon Plasma, and fourth being LHCb (LHC beauty) giving results on antimatter.

Big question still remains uncleared here. Big Bang Theory is itself a hypothesis. Whether this experiment is merely being performed to prove it's credibility or to deny it completely?

One thing is for sure, if there exists a Big Bang then there has to be a Big Crunch. Theories suggest that Big Bang and Big Crunch occurs time and again and universe gets created and destroyed regularly. So, is this the time for Big Crunch as millions of Black Holes will be created inside this collider or it will disappoint us?

These questions if answered in favour of their existence will prove a definite boom to the scientific community, but if not, then what will be the fate of 4.1 billion Swiss Francs? And why couldn't this huge amount be brought into some useful reconstruction of the world? There are poverty stricken countries in this world which need much attention and care than these experiments.#