The clarification came after some reports suggesting that India has dropped the idea of seeking extradition of fugitives from Pakistan.

Mr Mukherjee further clarified, ``we have never given up the demand that perpetrators of terror acts should be extradited to India''.

He also said that there was no question of climbing down or dropping the demand.

Mr Mukherjee reiterated that major terrorist acts had been committed in India. Those were planned and launched from Pakistan.

``Only full investigation, which is transparent and verifiable can unveil the full conspiracy,' Mukherjee noted.

``We have been requesting Pakistan to take sincere and effective steps in that direction.'' Mukherjee said.

The Minister pointed out that Pakistan was obliged to investigate and prosecute the criminals.

'It is Pakistan's responsibility that individuals based in Pakistan do not commit criminal acts in other countries and then have effective immunity simply because they are Pakistani nationals,' the Foreign Minister said.

However, the fact remains that dastardly terror crimes have been committed in India. Therefore the perpetrators must face justice in India.

Pakistan's Extradition Act of 1972, in fact, specifically provides for extradition even when there is no bilateral Extradition Treaty between the countries.

The SAARC Convention on Terrorism also has the same intent and provisions are there in other international instruments.#