It recommends a Life style – Pray, Play and Party, Pray in private, Play with player and Party with partners. This approach is a direct derivative from the great saints Kabir and Guru Nanak.
This book is written for Bharat, as the author himself says, the country that is always busy in enlightenment. The two syllables Bha and Rat for him are ‘Light’ and ‘Busy’. He offered to the people of India that is Bharat, a basic outline and a broader understanding along with an action plan to go ahead.
He summarizes his agenda in five sections divided into many interesting topic within. These chapters are – Fundamental spheres, social sphere, Arthshastra (Economic) sphere, Religion (Dharma) sphere and Rajnetic (Political) sphere. At the end he makes a call for the people to contribute to co-operate for an orderly system of natural laws, of dharma, to have healthy happy holy societal environment.
There are 102 topics discussed in this book that covers almost all burning issues that India is confronting today. The author seems to be saying something in a language that demands our attention.