Burhanpur already had water shortage, but the unplanned over exploitation of water without worrying about the future has deepened the water crisis in this area. The city known for educating the world to save and serve water with good management is now facing water shortage. About three decades ago, underground water in Burhanpur was available at about 300 feet but now it has gone down further to 600-700 feet. During the decade of 1990, 971 millimeters of rainfall was recorded and in this decade, the rainfall level from 2011 to 2017 has reached 679 millimeters. Rainfall has been reduced in monsoon; previously it used to rain for nearly 60 days, now it has declined to 30-40 days only.

Traditionally banana cultivation is being carried out in the area and excessive use of water in it has intensified the problem. Although persistent efforts are being made to promote pigeon pea (Arhar/Taur Dal) and such other crops in place of bananas, which required consumes lesser water and also maintains the fertility of the land. And emphasis is on modern methods of irrigation to minimize water consumption in banana cultivation. But today, it became necessary to put more and more emphasis on proper utilization of water and water recharge. Mrs. Archana Chitnis, Minister, Govt. of MP & Local MLA has been campaigning for water conservation for the last few years. For making people aware about saving water, there have been some innovative experiments are being carried out in the area, which has succeeded to fetch everybody’s attention.

Prominent emphasis is being given here on the construction of the 'farm ponds' (Khet Kund). In the sloping part of the farm a pit of about 3-5 meters to be dug out, so that the water can percolate in the ground through the trough and will to recharge underground water. For this, the campaign is being launched in Burhanpur and farmers are being encouraged to make Khet Kund at their own expenditure so that the farm water remains with the farm only. Mrs. Archana Chitnis believes that these water ponds will prove to be more beneficial in terms of ground water than any bigger dam. Farmers have constructed such farm ponds in Phopnar, Biroda, Chapora, Borsal, Ichhapur, Bhavsa, Jambupani, Mohad, Bambhada and Khamni villages of Burhanpur. Along with the increase in groundwater levels, nearby wells and tube wells will also be recharged due to farm ponds. It has to be constructed before the rain. More than one farm ponds are being built in the bigger farm. The attraction of the farmers has increased rapidly for innovation like farm ponds for water recharge. Inspired by the farmers of these villages, the farmers of other villages have also started making farm ponds.

Simultaneously, work is being done to save and revive traditional water structures. Some wells, which used to be prominent sources of water, have been revived and sign boards were placed there, which says, "I'm satisfying your thirst for generations ... I want to stay alive .... .... I do not a garbage bin.... you save me, I will save you.” People are getting aware about water resources with this appealing sign board. It is expected that in the future Burhanpur which is currently struggles with water crisis, will once again be known for its method to save water. (IPA Service)