Zakaria was, of course, shooting the air. There was no way Trump would have watched ‘Two Faces of Kim Jong Un’, least because it was CNN fare. ‘Fake News CNN’ has been Trump’s take on CNN and the channel’s relentless and obsessive coverage of ‘Trump & Russia’ ensured that Trump kept to that impression.

The Indian-American TV personality probably understands that but there’s nothing more elevating than telling a POTUS what to do and what not to do! It’s a confidence building measure. Even regular CNN watchers would rather get updates of Kim and Trump in Singapore than see Kim’s two faces, courtesy Zakaria.

What does Zakaria know of Kim Jong Un that Average Joe doesn’t? Like the question: Does Kim Jong Un drink Red Bull, the authentic Thai version in the stout golden can, not the blue and silver one peddled in India and places like Dubai and Qatar? If Zakaria can answer that then he is Anchor Almighty and not ‘Fake News’ that Trump labels CNN with.

Anyway, leaving Zakaria to his TRP-enhancing devices, it’s nobody’s guess that the world is watching Trump and Kim and if there’s hope in the air it is not Zakaria’s. Ask Trump and he’ll say that he has already shown to the world that Kim is a double-faced dictator – Rocket Man and Kim-strung-High on Power!

Sunday evening (6.01 pm Indian Standard Time), Kim Jong Un flew into Singapore. Trump wafted in on Air Force One in Kim’s jet-stream. Kim’s black limo was seen rolling out of the airport with his bodyguards jogging along on both sides of the car. Kim, they say, is guarded tighter than Fort Knox. Trump has the United States Secret Service and they aren’t amateurs. Besides, police in Singapore are not wet-behind-the-ear.

A few more such summits in venues such as Seoul and Singapore and Kim Jong Un will be a transformed man. The glitter of the developed world will simmer in him and simmer him down. It might make him look at places in North Korea and wish they were different. Not that he hasn’t lived in the West. But if Donald and Kim trump, there may be visits to Washington DC and New York. And, Boy O! Boy, to Los Angeles and San Francisco. Places Kim threatened to nuke!

The Kim-Trump Summit is labelled “historic” and the world is freaking out. Imagining the outcome, and the images. This after the summit looked like it wouldn’t happen because a Kim general didn’t give a penny’s worth to Trump’s VeePee Mike Pence. But then Kim made amends and Trump said ‘okay kiddo, let’s see how it goes – you and me and the world gazing.’

The focus of the summit is a swap: Peace for Denuclearization. The talk in the air is that Don Trump, like Mario Puzo’s Godfather, Don Corleone, will offer to Kim Jong Un something he cannot refuse! What will that be? Trump’s Art of the Deal in Korean must be a dog-eared copy in Kim’s library, his generals having poured into it like they scan the minefield on the North-South DMZ.

Trump said before he took Air Force One to Paya Lebar Airbase in Singapore that “one look” at Kim and he could tell if the summit will come through or fall through, and that Kim Jong Un gets this one shot, just this “One Shot!” The view from India is that Trump and Kim are like the monsoon – Unpredictable! (IPA Service)