Where, earlier only eve teasing was an open problem, now, if 377 gets decriminalized, eve-teasing-eve and Adam-teasing-Adam will also become the norm. In states like Uttar Pradesh, Romeo Squads will be hauling up same sex couples from parks and other public places for making a public display of intimacy: Smooching and doing “things” to each other.

Gay activist Harish Iyer, in a counter to BJP leader Subramanian Swamy, who says homosexuality is “deviant”, insisted that homosexuality was a “variant”, and that psychiatrists have said that. It was as if Iyer was announcing the discovery of a new species! Swamy, reacting to that, said, “Wait, there’s the Parliament!”

Iyer says gays have the common sense to do what they want to do behind “closed doors” even after 377 goes. Iyer is the suave, intelligent face of the LGBT community, who comes on Twitter and Facebook and on television, speaking for everyone LGBT, not taking into consideration that everywhere in India hiding in the closet are louts who will take decriminalizing 377 as a signal to move on the unsuspecting not “sexually oriented to homosexuality”, from the boy/girl next door to valid ticket-holders on long distance trains.

Every time a man sidles up to a boy will be a tense moment. His hands and fingers will be watched like a claw. Like the thief who feels he is honest if he’s not tempted with an opportunity to rob, the non-homosexual will feel threatened once a legal opportunity is given to anyone with a “variant sexual orientation” to make advances on him/her.

There are so-called “bi-sexuals” who will take decriminalization of Section 377 as passport to grab and grope, rape! Boys and girls in schools and colleges will have more to complain. A new fear will grip the fresher about to be ragged. For, not all among the “variants” are gentlemen and ladies. Forcing a fresher in college to strip in the name of ragging will assume new meaning and in the display of a shapely derriere will be the seed to mark so-and-so fresher for a future taking down.

For, what’s there to stop the “variant” anymore, “377 is history, isn’t it?” Forget the fresher, mommies and daddies will also worry at home and office and principals will have to give repeated assurances to parents that their temples of education, especially the hostels, are “variant-free”.

Dumping the Victorian-era Section 377 might be the call of the current times, but the Victorian era law was thrust on a still-to-get-out-of-Medieval era subcontinent. Has India, more importantly, Bharatvarsh, got out of that medieval era mentality? Look around and the answer will be ‘NO’. There are laws against vigilantism but does that stop the cow vigilante or the vigilante generic?

Expect messages of “suspected homosexuals” a la “suspected child-lifters” going viral in places near and far. That’s a danger the Harish Iyers of this world do not see in the euphoria of the rainbow gay-pride parade. For, argue as much as possible, India is full of vermin for whom “progressive” is alien but sodomy comes natural!

Last heard, the Supreme Court was inclined to decriminalize homosexuality. The ‘news’ on the ‘Republic’ was that CJI Dipak Misra “is batting” for LGBT rights, declaring that “sexual orientation is innate, and there is no choice.” This, even as the Centre backed down and left it to the apex court to do what it felt like as long as other gay rights including on “gay marriage” and “property rights” are left alone.

Look beyond the Centre’s generosity, and what do you see? It fits like a glove into the BJP’s “Chaos Theory” to win 2019. The day after Section 377 is history, Hindutva fanatics will fan out to pubs and cafes; parks and public places and even two non-gay friends, arms around each other’s shoulders, and there are plenty such in India, will be prey.

Those for 377 will take to the streets from now to general elections; roads will be blocked and traffic will be thrown out of gear. Public and private property will be destroyed. Granted these are not compulsions that should hold back the apex court from ruling in favour of equal rights to every citizen given under the Constitution. But to point it out will not make anyone a homophobe! Or will it?

A BJP spokesperson was Tuesday night hauled over the coals “on national television” for making the statement: “Even bestiality, having sex with a dog, is unnatural sex.” He was set upon and asked to explain, "who are you calling a dog, the LGBT?” The anchor joined in to call him every name in the book including, of course, “homophobe”.

What these progressives chose to ignore was the word “unnatural” in his statement. That Harish Iyer’s “variant” is “unnatural”. Everybody sees the elephant, but nobody sees it! It is like the thief who finds excuses to call himself an honest man. (IPA Service)