Everyone in the country except the parivar forces and the captive media would understand the mood of the people. The people need a change. From the experience of life since May 2014, they have arrived at the conclusion that change is the final word, and with each passing day, it is getting strengthened. Plight of the economy under Modi regime is there before all Indians to draw their lessons.

Price of petrol and the Rupee getting increasingly priceless, seem to be in a competition to reach the goal post of Rupees Hundred. None of the political pundits in RSS -BJP are in a position to make any reliable prediction in this regard.

'Swadeshi government' at the centre have shamelessly dumped their countrymen to the mercy of international oil barrons and domestic oil companies. Modi government didn't even care for the call, to reduce the excise duty for oil which may provide little relief to the people. The result is spiraling price rise for all essentials. Workers, peasants, salaried sections and the common people find it difficult to bear the brunt of sky rocketing prices.

The other day Raghuram Rajan, former RBI Governor alerted the nation about the alarming menace of non- performing assets. He was reporting to the Parliament estimates committee headed by Dr Murli Manohar Joshi, one time President of BJP. NPA has now become the watch word of Indian banking, thanks to the steadfastness of ruling classes. NPA is estimated to be Rs 12 lakh crore today! That is only the officially announced figure. Money from the banks was flowing to the coffers of corporate houses, with the lucid understanding of non-payment. With that money, Adanis and Ambanis expanded their empire. Banks often jump upon the poor and now even march to their homes with placards stating that they are defaulters.

But the master defaulters are allowed to flee the country at their appropriate moment as Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksi did. In his report to the estimate committee, Raghuram Rajan writes: "...I also sent a list of high profile cases to the PMO urging that we coordinate action to bring at least one or two to book. I am not aware of progress on this front". The country very well knows, what has happened in that front! The PMO slept on that fraud list and those high profile defaulters flew to their choicest destinations. It was because they were the economic cousins of the ruling leaders.

Once those cousins landed safely abroad, RSS-BJP government was cunning enough to come out, with a legislation to check fugitive economic offenders!

Such a government with anti people stance on economic policy, guided by its ideology pose gravest threat to the very existence of all our cherished values. That ideology and the Party wedded to it is the main enemy of secularism, democracy, national sovereignty and socialist goal of the country. Hence, this is the moment to build up the broadest possible mobilisation of forces with the determination to fight them back in order to save the country. (IPA Service)