Sometime back Rabri Devi wife of Lalu Yadav and a senior RJD leader Raghuvansa Prasad Singh had offered to make Nitish leader of the Grand Alliance in case he severs his relations with the BJP. In fact for last couple of months this has gained momentum. Some of the close aids of Nitish has been showing their sympathy for Mamata too.

The possibility of Lalu getting bail and coming out of jail lessening, senior leaders of RJD are working on the line to revive the Grand Alliance. This has turned the BJP leaders sceptical.

The latest JD(U) leader to feature at the target of the BJP sympathisers has been the JD(U) national vice president, Prasant Kishore, second man to Nitish. By profession he is a political and electoral strategist. Some six months back he was hired by Mamata. Most of the BJP loyalists had strongly opposed Kishore for his accepting the offer and his company entering into contract with Mamata.

Surprisingly Kishore has been targeted by the JD(U) party spokesman Ajay Alok. His being party’s national vice president and next man to Nitish, did not refrain him launching an insinuation against him. For demeaning Kishore, Ajay used his supporting Mamata Banerjee’s stand on the NRC and her extending support to Nitish for contesting the assembly polls in Delhi, Jharkhand, Jammu and Kashmir, and Haryana as part of its efforts to gain the status of a national party.

Kishor had criticised the NRC and said it is leaving lakhs of people as foreigners in their own country. “Such is the price people pay when political posturing and rhetoric is misunderstood as a solution for complex issues related to national security without paying attention to strategic and systemic challenges," Kishor had tweeted.

His anger obviously unravels the truth. It hurts the interest of BJP. If Alok has been really concerned of the welfare of his own, he should not have chastised him. Even if Kishore has supported Mamta’s stand on NRC, he has not committed crime, as the strategist it was part of his job to help Mamata and frame the tactics. It is quite amazing to notice that Alok used BJP especially Amit Shah’s stick to rebuke Kishore. He accused him of supporting Mamata, who has turned West Bengal into a “mini Pakistan” from where Biharis are being driven out by “Rohingyas”. He is the true disciple of Amit Shah and Narendra Modi. He has mastered the art of speaking lies from his gurus. His concern for Bengal and Biharis makes his heart weep and wail.

“What is happening in West Bengal is a matter of grave concern. I have been saying this for long. But this gesture does not absolve her of her mistakes. She must act to prevent her state from degenerating into a mini-Pakistan. Her thanksgiving cannot make us forget that Biharis are being assaulted in West Bengal and forced to leave the state”.

“Mamata didi should remember that Biharis are being driven out of her state under her watch. And the ones forcing our people to flee her state are not Bengalis. They are Rohingyas,” emphasised Ajay. His allegation makes it amply that he has no knowledge of the demography of the state. Somebody should ask him where and in which areas the Rohingyas reside in Bengal?

In fact he has not only been rattling wild allegation but he has been parroting the accusations of Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi, a senior BJP leader. He had accused the cadres of Mamata of orchestrating attacks on Hindi speaking people in general and Biharis in particular. A fortnight back people travelling from Kolkata to Patna by a bus were allegedly beaten up by the owner and other staffers of a road-side hotel in Burdwan district. Though their proper identity is yet to be established the BJP has alleged that they were Rohingyas.

Using the word Rohinjya is a strategic move to create communal clash and disharmony, the old tactics of BJP. There is no denying the fact that for the past couple of years the ruling dispensation at the Centre is desperately creating a pre-partition situation in Bengal by reigniting the memories of the partition. A botched up NRC leaves lakhs of people as foreigners in their own country!

Why are you and Didi getting pain in abdomen?’, JD(U) leader lashes out at Prashant Kishor for calling NRC ‘botched’. Though he is a leader of JD(U), intriguingly he sought to know from his own party leaders "Is JDU comfortable with illegal immigrants who have become voters in Kishanganj, Purnia, Araria, Katihar, Supaul and Darbhanga. Kishor ji, you are the vice president of the party, must know more than me". (IPA Service)