It surpassed its previous records in in philanthropy too! – Two individuals crossed the Rs 1 crore mark in fund raising for their chosen Civil Society Organisation CSO/NGO.

Fundraisers #GoBeyond the spirit of running to raise a remarkable Rs 12.66 crore for various causes by the CSOs.

The event this year broadened its base of causes, representing the increasing maturity of donors, fundraisers, and thereby the overall fundraising and impact of philanthropy. There are increasing efforts among non-profits to present their causes and impact of their work on the less fortunate.

India Cares Foundation, the Philanthropy Partner of the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon, has concentrated on giving more support and guidance in communications and appeals, reaching out to more people and that has shown results with 71% of funds coming from and through an individual asking another individual.

To make an impact on society, 62 companies fielded 96 corporate cares teams and 227 individuals reached out and received contributions from 5,047 family members, friends and colleagues in support of 91 CSOs. CSOs reaching out to their networks and individuals on their own has generated 31% of the total funds.

Lotus Petal Foundation, the top fundraising CSO (NGO) raised Rs 3.82 crore, up from Rs 53,000 in 2015. This proves that ADHM can be a platform to help growth and expansion plans of a non-profit when taken seriously.

Hailing this philanthropy part of the event Lt. Governor of Delhi, Anil Baijal opined "Besides organising the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon as a sporting event, a platform has been created to raise funds for many good causes one after the other. Therefore, I'm deeply impressed and very happy to be associated with this event. Congratulations to all the donors who have liberally come forward and donated funds for a good cause."

Since its inception, ADHM has raised a total of Rs 76.82 crore towards charity. 'Giving’, through the platform of ADHM, has been embraced by the youth, with over 50 young adults joining hands with a cause to volunteer, coordinate, market, fundraise and run.

Procam International,Jt. MD Vivek Singh was happy that philanthropy part of the event has grown many a fold “I have immense gratitude and admiration for the people who have extended their support for a social cause with their generosity. Am delighted to see the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon become one of the major platforms for philanthropy across the world. We hope to continue making a positive impact on millions of lives, through this unique platform.” he said.

Murray Culshaw, Chairperson and Founder, India Cares Foundation,added "We are grateful to every donor, fundraiser, company, for believing and standing by the social sector, in helping to solve the ills our society faces. And thanks to Airtel, Procam International and all event partners for creating this platform.”