It is the leadership and the nature and content of their political image that provides an insight into the real character of the party. One thing is quite welcome the leadership does not have any bigot. All the people busy chalking out the political economy and defining its ideology owed their political birth and up bringing to Jai Prakash movement.

It is a coincidence that most of the people (Narendra Modi, Nitish Kumar, Sushil Modi) who are in power or are ruling over the people and are running the governments in modern India owe their birth to the same JP movement. But the new leaders are quite different from the earlier ones. These have born out of various militant land struggles that JP had launched. basic structure

Though the move has a pan India approach, the activist organisers initially would be focussing on Bihar. The state will go to polls some times in October. Obviously for them it would be right opportunity and platform to give a concrete shape to their mission. The basic idea was put in the public domain in the form of Mission Bihar 243 in May this year. Their basic approach has been to find suitable and honest persons to content 243 seats of Bihar assembly.

The convenor of Mission Priyadarshi who had played pivotal role in Bodha Gaya Land movement for more than 15 years says we don’t subscribe to the view that NDA and Nitish Kumar will win the next elections. It is imperative that the contractor and politician nexus that has been dictating the basic administrative structure of the government functioning and development should be broken.

They have brought out 5 page “white paper” defining the concept of the new party. They have launched the mission to identify corrupt bureaucrats who are not to be involved in governing Bihar.

They nurse the vision that Bihar does not have any party, either to rule the state or to perform the task of the opposition. Bihar has been witnessing the worst crisis of identity ever since its creation. Though it is not clear when the elections will be held these people have been earnestly busy to produce their manifesto. Usually the parties publish the manifesto just coinciding with the election. But for them manifesto would be the primary blue print for their government which they are sure of forming after the elections.

The new government of the activists would constitute Lok Pal as its first priority. There promise to create one crore jobs is worth watching. In the white paper they admit that it is herculean task but even they are determined to create the jobs. They want to check migration, the plight of the labour and also stop brain drain. It is certainly not a small task and to accomplish this task they have been interacting with economists and scholars. They lament the vast resources, either man power or mineral or agriculture is being destroyed and smashed by the politicians and the political parties.
(IPA Service)