If what Jaishankar said about the criticism of the CAA: “The point we make on CAA is that it can’t be anyone’s case that a government or a parliament does not have the right to set the terms of naturalisation or citizenship. It is India’s internal matter”, is absolutely right, then at the same time the global fraternity is also correct in expressing its opinion. Jaishankar has no right to raise his voice and object to their views.

If he feels that they are wrong, their views are skewed and politically incorrect, he must try and place his correct views before them and convince them to endorse the government’s actions and stand. How can he overlook the abject failure of his political bosses even inside the parliament of their own country. They have been speaking one lie after another to protect their face. But unfortunately they more resort to this, their images get more smeared. People have lost their trust and faith in them.

By virtue of having brute majority they can continue to lord over India for the rest four years, but Jaishankar cannot claim that they will do it with moral authority and a clean high standard of conscience. The guilt which they have committed will be continuously staring at their face. Jaishankar knows it pretty well that his bosses are loud mouth, he should also turn the pages of the history and see for himself that such tactics do not serve beyond a limit.

Jaishankar must do some soul searching and instead of reiterating the rhetoric of his masters should try to speak the truth. Recently he observed; “We have a large number of stateless people in the country and we have tried to reduce that number. That should be appreciated. And we have done it in a way that we don’t create a bigger problem for ourselves. Show me a country in the world which says everyone is welcome.”

His statement has been shocking indeed. Will Jaishankar take pains to place the figure of stateless people before the country? Who are these people? Will he clarify what steps his BJP bosses have taken during the last six years to reduce their numbers? The day your bosses tried to interfere in the issue they created a major problem for the country. Instead of solving the problem they tried to communalise the Indian social relations and divide the country.

He has been a diplomat and one would certainly expect a fair analysis of the prevailing situation from him. But it was indeed shocking to see that he was speaking the language of one of his bosses, Amit Shah. Bangladeshi people who took shelter in India could not be described as stateless people. Unfortunately Modi and Shah have been working of late on the design to turn them stateless. Over these years they have assimilated in the mainstream and have been part of the Indian people. If at all the Modi-Shah combine was really interested to check this development they should have evolved a new mechanism keeping in view the need of the present time. Instead they are digging the graves and creating ghosts.

He says criticism from the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights had been wrong before and it had skirted the issue of cross-border terrorism while speaking on the subject of Jammu and Kashmir. Does not it utterly reflect the failure of Jaishankar as an astute diplomat? As a diplomat it was his task to feed the correct info and mould the person sitting across him to fall in line.

It is most unfortunate that Bangladesh has been feeling hurt at the conduct of his bosses. Sheikh Hassina the prime minister of Bangladesh deserves appreciation for not making the utterances and actions of your bosses as an issue. Being a diplomat and moreover MEA, Jaishankar is aware of the prevailing situation and mood of the people. In Bangladesh, people have been demanding the withdrawal of the invitation to Modi and threatening to surround the airport to prevent him from entering the country. Bangladesh on March 17 to attend the centenary celebrations for the country’s founding father, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. To great relief, the visit was deferred due to Corona threat.

It was really shocking to hear Jaishankar defining the ethics of friendship. When at The Economic Times’ Global Business Summit, his attention was drawn to the criticism India is attracting on CAA and NRC from various world capitals, Jaishankar retorted; “Maybe we are getting to know who our friends really are.” Being a career diplomat he should have remembered the famous advice of Chanakya “friends must be kept closer and friendship preserved”. His statement is nothing but a rebuff and makes explicit that India does not need friends.

Through out the world the people especially the Indian diaspora have been expressing its concern at the developments taking place in India and urging the BJP rulers to desist from pursuing the divisive politics. But it is most unfortunate that Modi and Shah have refrained from paying any attention. Really it is inexplicable as to why these two leaders continue to be so obsessed their design even at the cost of antagonising their own people and the international fraternity.

Even after Delhi riots which rocked the international conscience, Amit Shah does not feel remorse and continues to assert come what may he would not retreat on implementation of CAA, NRC and NPR. There is no denying the fact that people like Jaishankar have doing more disservice to Modi and Shah than their opponents. Instead of giving they correct counselling, they have been misleading Modi. (IPA Service)