The Prime Minister Narendra Modi came under the barrage of criticism for his impulsive decision to clamp a three week lockdown on India from March 24. No one pointed a better alternative to minimize the public contact the only source that could easily transfer the disease. The continued contact among people could have invited the possibility of spread of disease in time when Indians have to fight even for normal fire fighting for health services. In India, we are still at the stage of providing services for disease treatment and not health care services. The medical service for disease treatment and health care are two different concepts.

The Prime Minister came under heavy criticism on two counts, first was due to general belief that he followed the American clamp. No one gave him credit that he was first ahead in timing his decision to end the public contact before the corona infection became endemic and difficult to control in view of limited health facilities unlike waiting for the situation growing to be beyond control as it happened in Italy, Spain and United States.

The second count was his decision was sudden and more impulsive. The main accusation was he did not consult his bureaucratic set up or take his colleagues in confidence like the time in November 2016 for the harsh economic measure of demonetization. The four amending orders to main directive in three days by his government was cited to prove his directive to be hasty as it did not take in account the plight of the vast section of Indian population depending on the daily earning for next meals for the family. In absence of the opportunity for daily earnings, vast numbers began migrating to their villages on feet as public transport of rail and road services was also halted under the lockdown directive.

Next round of criticism was over the continued telecast of two great Indian epics, Ramayana and Mahabharata on the Door Darshan Channels. The Door Darshan had telecast in the past other popular serials. Two Epic based serials were originally telecast in the Rajiv Gandhi regime and drawn maximum audiences, particularly the Mahabharata in 1987. Entire India used to come to a standstill on Sunday mornings with huge audiences perched with their eyes glued to the sets for one hour. Other middle class audiences now have advantage of 400 other channels unlike in 1987 to choose from for their entertainment. So decision cannot be treated only for the saffron brigade’s benefit. The decision may have been dictated by the harsh reality that no serial had ever attracted as wide and large an audience as the Mahabharata serial did. The Door Darshan beaming is not for the class that prefers other kind of entertainment. The government is criticized for not anticipating needs of survival for the economically weaker section and now many are itching with hammer in hand to strike at the government for ensuring entertainment for other classes to spend their time at home in amusement with the past.

Nature has defeated entire mankind by making irrelevant its economic, social and personal development by forcing humans to go back to the ancient era of living alone in their abodes. At the time, humans lived in caves without contact with other humans in next cave. Relations of decades became irrelevant. No one dared open their doors not for strangers as in normal time but now also for known due to fear that their adornments may carry dangerous infection.

The Vatican Square is lonely. The Jerusalem temple has not worshippers. It is difficult to find humans clad in white apparels to offer prayers. The sacred temples miss the daily huge crowds of visitors for darshan or other rites. Humans fought several Holy Wars to preserve the superiority of their religions but Nature proved the futility of such differences by pushing the human kind to the ancient era before religions separated them in different compartments.

Millionaires have shown their willingness to utilize their wealth to fight the virus that emerged from dead fish in Wuhan city in China in November 2019 to assume the massive avtar of pandemic destruction. It signifies the helplessness of mankind against the natural selection process in evolution. Human wealth cannot be of any use. The fear and not the lockdown made women to overlook their paints and cosmetics to appear more beautiful in their chosen audiences. Media is engaged in flashing out the stars touched by virus rather than presenting news of their other amusing traits.

All warnings by authorities over acts and behaviours of humans adding to already dangerous levels of pollution had not impact but nature enforced the correctives in one stroke to end operations in industrial units. Smoke emissions from small units are shut down and vehicles are no more plying on roads. Similarly huge piles of arms and armaments including nuclear arsenals appear to no avail. The tiny bacteria are taken over the role of nuclear holocaust. Mankind was never shown to be such a small part of universe. The supersonic planes may still retain capacity to take humans to long distances but distance seems to be not a problem of accessibility for the tiny bacteria. Human kind was never as helpless as the virus pandemic. Instead of realizing the gravity of what the human kind is made to confront, Indian politicians are fighting over trivia.