His fan club has been flooding social media with messages to encourage people to follow directive. To enthuse them one message claimed for the first time in eight decades, people in Jullundhar are able to see contours of the Himalayan ranges, almost 300 km away. Several official organizations like the University Grants Commission and the Central Board of Secondary Education directed all colleges and schools respectively to ensure that families of their inmates followed the directive.

After the emergency raj ended in 1977, I had asked SK Singh, then in the Foreign Affairs ministry, whether the bureaucrats would follow similarly in future also as obediently as they did in the emergency era, he had said what is the alternate for them? I had then thought it was the slavish mentality reacting. Today I find politicians in the ruling camp tongue-tied and in the camp outside to be a lot of bewildered and confused minds to find correct ways to fight. Bureaucrats submissive and media turned from its role of watch dog into a class to be lap dog. Masses have no means to protest. India has been turned into a nation under the strange entity, though supposed to be the elective parliamentary democracy under the rule by the elected body, where a single individual is imposing his dictates.

India has traveled as independent sovereign nation with several economic achievements and social transformations. The population with no right or facilities for education had 12 percent literates had enthusiastically fought the war of independence to end the alien rule of seven centuries. Her freedom fight was unique and par excellence as soldiers did not bear in their hands any weapon but only moral strength to bear brunt of the British Empire soldiers. In entire struggle of 29 years, lot of blood flowed but only of the determined Indians.

After independence, Indians adopted the unique system of governance by shunning capitalism that becomes another title for exploitation of less fortunate by wealthy, and communism that exploited humans by denying even fundamental right of civil liberties. The march for betterment of the economic and social advances of mass remained slow but did not result in mass exploitation either by politics on in the name of religion though few used religious belief to divide Indians in two camps barricaded by their denominations. It was not an easy task to extricate 60 percent of population in the abyss of the socio-economic deprivation and lacking education and for centuries.

Yet Indians emerged out of abyss with less than 20 per cent still under the poverty line. Indians proved to the world their abilities by developing nuclear science, in forefronts in medical field. Today India is turning out more graduates in numbers more than entire developed world with literacy rate touching 83 per cent. 96 per cent children are attending schools including Muslim boys and girls instead of reciting in Madersas.

The modern nations have benefits of the Indian brain power. The Indian mind has innovated the revolution in the communication sector to end the age old concept of national boundaries to inhibit entry of others and prevent exit of their people. Capital can come in or fly out without interference of local authority or their restrictive regulations.

Narendra Modi had been enabled to exploit the urges and inspirations of young Indians in 2014 with the promise of quicker changes for better in their economic life through modernization and expansion of industrial base to quicken economic growth. In first three months of his rule he had given hope to educated but unemployed Indians of the government measures for training them with proper skills to convert them employable in any part of the world. He had clearly seen the crisis in the developed world due to aging of their work forces. India is the only nation with high proportion of young in the age group between 15 and 35 years.

India remained young as the predecessors had not adopted the regulatory rules to control birth rate or improve the life expectancy. The party that condemned the previous regimes for failures on both the count stood to benefit from the consequences. Courage of the Prime Minister sapped or snapped suddenly and unexpectedly. All his innovative ideas vanished and now he appears to encourage superstition, adopt rules of resorting to force Indians to live for survival in a way as existed before the invention of power generation to gain light without germs and harmful microbes hovering near the flames of the earthen oil lamps. How can harmful germs bringing virus corona pandemic be driven away by hand held earthen or metal lamps?

More surprising is the sustained campaign to blame the Taghlibi movement as conspiracy to destroy India by spreading corona virus infection. The intelligence agencies also claim that 1500 delegates were afflicted and traveled to four southern states. One wonders how the intelligence agencies know the exact number of infected by corona virus in November 2019 though the world came to know of its spread in China only in January 2020, though the first incidence of its infection was recorded in the first week of December 2019? Surly it appears to be the political propaganda to further strengthen efforts to take India back to the stone age.