Many among us might have been longing for a time of our own, to rest, to relax, to enjoy, and to be with our loved ones, on countless occasions without remembering how many. The wish has been fulfilled, and the prayer has been granted within the span of a flash. However, are we happy? Sadly no. Nature might have got its way to reclaim the deteriorated environment, and heal it in its own way, but we humans are anxious, curious and desperate to get on with our regular life, the same life that we resented about two months ago, and had wished for some respite.

But we know, we need to stay home, and stay safe, if we want to live and avoid harming our loved ones. Its bitter, just like a bitter medicine, that we will have to swallow. We need to maintain the status quo for some time more and continue to remain where we have been for almost two months, and try to make the best out of it. It’s an opportunity to spend time with members of our family, and interact with the younger and the elderly. Talk to them, help them, play with them, and recall the lovely forgotten episodes. Also, one needs to build a network of trustworthy people to whom one can talk when feeling desolate. Have a look at those old photographs and remind yourself that this present crisis is only temporary and soon we will be back to our routine.

Humans resist change and this sudden change which consists of fear and anxiety, for the wellbeing of ourselves and for our loved ones, is affecting our psyche like never before. Fortunately, we have the power of positivity and optimism within us. This optimism is our seventh sense to harness, which in turn will give us the resilience to deal with the turbulent time. If we can keep our optimism levels high, we can successfully deal with this crisis with resilience, and will be able to engage ourselves more meaningfully. Optimism manifests itself in positive emotions, relationship network, and accepting what comes our way. It helps us in distancing ourselves from catastrophic thinking and negative thoughts.

During these uncertain times when economies look bleak, millions of jobs are at risk, investments are uncertain, businesses are shut indefinitely, one can keep the sanity intact with oneself only by bringing out the creative side of the personality. Many among us had had some or the other hobbies, such as painting, singing, sketching, composing poetry, writing etc, but have been lost in pursuit of a career. Now is the time to rekindle the hobbies again. Remember, how our heart ached each time we saw a canvas, a piano, a drawing or any such thing that we did in the past, but couldn’t find time to pursue. Rekindling the creativity will surely begin a new phase of happiness in your life.

We live in a technologically driven digital world which is still accessible to us. If we could dissuade from excessive fear mongering and rumours, there are several learning opportunities on the web. One can read and learn new languages or technologies. Those who have never tried their hand at cooking can learn new recipes and experiment with them. It’s important to stay mentally and physically active. Exercise and meditation may help. Don’t stop caring for your appearance. Looking good is directly proportionate to feeling good. Drink enough water, sleep well, eat nutritious food and keep your funny bone and humour intact.

For researchers this is the best of time. Thanks to the digital libraries and many exclusive portals for them. There is a vast opportunity for path breaking findings. Institutions for higher learning are engaging students through focussed learning and use of web related contact classes. Teachers are playing a significant role in creatively handling online classes and counselling on wellbeing of youths.

For those who love nature there is bountiful to sooth your eyes and soul. Look around the many hues of nature. The flowers are in full bloom, the sky is blue (thanks to decline in pollution level due to vehicular decongestion) the trees are exceptionally green and you can spot every species of birds, and butterflies from the terrace of your home, which was hitherto impossible.

There’s plenty of time to meditate and introspect now. When was the last time you found time to reflect on your own life? Many of us would have forgotten what it is to sit idle and think in the cacophony of our life where every minute is accounted for. Finally, we can spend time with ourselves without being bothered by a tight schedule. It is also a good time to look at self-management. To stay alert, healthy, and finding meaningfulness in what you do is important.

This crisis will leave us with loads of learning. It is giving us a lesson against discrimination, arrogance, inequality, greed and selfishness. It is teaching us to be happy within our means, the importance of relationships, the significance of nature and its limited resources. We are also learning that we are all equal for nature and no matter how rich and powerful we are, there is no way we can fight what nature decides for us. It’s a wakeup call for all of us. It’s a new beginning. Believe in the power of optimism and discover your ‘Seventh Sense’. I hope, once we are back to our normal life we will never forget to live in peace and harmony.