Since then Indian media regularly carry the news with screaming headlines relating to fresh attempts by the China army units. The news items in the Indian media are apparently based on what the intelligence sources of India brief as no media person has means, resources, ability or aptitude to personally verify happenings in the far away and difficult to access region. Nor do Indian media have any reason to believe that it is being taken for a ride even if some suspect they are being used to prepare the Indian public mind for the future on borders.

I was taught in my last year of school that teaching and learning are two different processes though both are integral and essential parts of education. Learning does not come without inherent curiosity to know. To be good media person one has to be like proverbial cat with nine lives, never allow curiosity to evaporate. I am curious to know why China is fermenting trouble on the Indian borders even while knowing habitation is not possible in the region without the steady mechanism to keep feeding the habitants to survive.

The universe is not the same what it was only half a century ago. China has also undergone a tremendous change since it opened the doors of its economic structure for exploitation by private enterprises from the Western world. For the last four decades, China has been striving to be the super economic power by overcoming two super powers ahead, United States and Japan. In two decades, it acquired the economic growth rate that was enviable achievement for people who were kept in isolation for three millenniums by the rulers. The visible change is not merely illusion as stakes of China made goods in stores world over say and prove. India also has huge trade with China though it is only one sided. Chinese goods are visible in India and have large client base due to price advantage. China acts like a hub for making products for all well known and not so known brands at cheap rates too because of ample availability of working hands that are glad to have bare minimum body feeds. Labour is not given right or even allowed to raise demands for proper compensation in return for their labour. They work for shift of eight hours and live in dormitories in the adjoining areas of their work places to cut costs of their transportation to and fro between their homes to work places. Anyone raising voice against the conditions of work place, living quarters or food or even thinking of labour rights is shunned out and vanishes forever.

No industrialist has raised his or her voice over the inhuman treatment of work force as everyone finds profit in keeping eyes, ears and mouth shut. The hidden dimension of Chinese expansion is that it keeps huge reserves with the importing nation. America has three trillion dollars as its reserves with America and similarly huge reserve funds with virtually every European nation. These reserves are money of the government and funds for manufacturing goods are invested by those who come rushing to exploit cheap labour and production costs at lowest in the world. The economic boom caused by exploitation of working hands suddenly developed major problem as the workers slowly became aware of their exploitation. They could not rebel due to fear of lash holding hand around to whip them to obedience. They expressed their dissatisfaction by not attending to quality of products. Guards with whips in hand can get number of allotted products but cannot check quality or durability of products. From 2008 the buying for China made products began to recede the world over to push most outsiders to look for alternate venue to park their manufacturing processes. The China government went in for devaluation after resisting it for three decades and also began to change its strategy to prove that China has developed science and technologies to undertake projects outside China.

The China president came rushing to India in 2014 after Narendra Modi was sworn in as new prime minister, with offer to build first bullet train in India. That cannot be attitude of a politician who now is said to be seeking to ferment trouble in the non habitable region between India and China. Both success and failures can be catastrophic for him as it would make undeniable impact on other nations and make hem suspicions of real intents of China. Can Xi Jinping afford the loss of the position China acquired after opening its economy without changing the dictatorial political governance? Then why the Indian intelligence is overplaying the game to ferment trouble in the remote region?

Troubles on the border with China got aggravated in the midst of the crisis over the pandemic corona virus. The Prime Minister Narendra Modi went in for the lockdown as the most effective weapon to combat with the pandemic. Only after closure of the economic activities for 75 days, two and half month-long period, and a realisation has slowly and now dawn that revival of the economy may not be easy for a long duration. The political consequences of such a delay are terrifying. Is the play up of trouble on the northern borders with all brave announcements of befitting reply merely a diversion? Nothing else explains as to why China is causing trouble on its southern borders when it has greater political gain awaiting in fermentation of troubles in the north. Russia is still to find grounds to stand up. It is not easy as it has to prove its worth as the former super power for 45 years. Russia is more vulnerable to Chinese designs than India can be. Then why China is angling for troubles on the south extremes?