Though identity of the young crowd was not revealed, its connections and intentions were not hidden. Excepting them, rest of young men had no interest as most of them did not even know where the Galwan Valley was located. Suddenly the anti China heat evaporated when eight policemen and their officers were mercilessly and brutally killed in Uttar Pradesh. The killers were identified as members of the Vikas Dubey, the don of an active and dominating over a large part of the state in his crime empire.

The focus of attention shifted immediately to the Yogi led state government with accusations flying all over in social media of protection provided to the crime don Vikas Dubey by several senior police officials. It was obvious that traces and trails were reaching to the doorsteps of the chief minister, Adiytanath Yogi in the top seat of power in the state for last three years. Even if nobody could prove direct links with Dubey, his mere existence and prospering in the Yogi era was adverse comment on the Yogi era. In fact it nailed all claims of improved law and order situation as false. Defending the Sangh nominee became a priority. In the process, building the climate of war with China had to be overlooked. Overnight, Vikas Dubey got the focused attention in the social media.

The strange and unbelievable drama unfolded with a visitor to Mahakal Temple of Ujjain shouting loudly to identify the self as Vikas Dubey. It was the most strange that a successful criminal who built his empire in a decade in silence and without attracting attention sought to declare his identity inside the temple by shouting loudly. The turn of events thereafter was on the expected line. The alert guards of the temple caught the man without fire arms on him or either with guards. The state police team reached the temple and took possession of the criminal while alerting the police authorities of the neighbouring state. The team of ten jeep loads of the U.P. Police rushed. While bringing him back to the state, only police vehicle, in the entire convey of ten jeeps, with criminal met with accident and the criminal attempted to free the self. The police fired at the back of the running away criminal but bullet pierced into his chest. The state police had invented a strange kind of bullet that can pierce the front even when it is shot at the back of the running away criminal. The police claimed it had the dead criminal don Vikas Dubey with it brought to the state. Within 24 hours, the Enforcement Directorate was able to release details of the amassed properties and wealth of the dead don not only in the state but also in other countries. The don built his empire for a decade and Authorities were not wise to it.

The political implications were revealed in the social media messages including one hinting at his China connections. The message said Vikas Dubey was actually intending to perform Zen which is term equivalent to the Chinese term Chan or Tao and in India its Sanskrit equivalent is Dhyan. The message also claimed he originally intended to offer his Zen in the Pashupatinath temple in the communist Nepal but was deterred due to the political turmoil over the Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli. It is unbelievable that the message writer could read the innermost thoughts of the dead man identified as the criminal as the don, not by his near relation but by the temple guards who had never in their life met him. The police of two states accepted their claim, the MP police out of ignorance and the U.P. police to serve its purpose.

The chase of Vikas Dubey who had run to hiding provided relief to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi as the frenzy over the Galwan Valley and subsequent war mongering got diverted. The war mongering was obviously at the dictates of some vested interests for whom the Prime Minister NaMo continuing in the office has become untenable and undesirable. They could not protest against his edict imposing stoppage of all economic and social activities. The lockdown could not be opposed but it could be indirectly resisted. Building up the war hysteria was apparently a move to prevent him from strengthening his image. The Sangh chief Mohan Bhagwat has in his public addressed at Ranchi disassociated the Sangh from the NaMo government and the party supporting him.

Jaswant Singh as the BJP leader in the Rajya Sabha had said to the visiting European Media men in 1998 that no government in India can survive in office without the secular approach. The Atal Behari government had to suffer over its adopting the secular approach and the NaMo won the majority for the Lotus symbol for the first time in 2014 since 1952 only because he had adopted the secular approach as his slogan Sabka Sath aur Sabka Vikas had reflected. It explains the purpose and game behind the war hysteria and the mover in future of finding the answer who after NaMo?