India: Legislative assembly election for five states

Election for Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Mizoram, Rajasthan and NCT of Delhi announced

Phasewise election sheduled, counting of votes on Dec 8, polling in Nov and Dec
Author: Gyan Pathak - Published 14-10-2008 10:58 GMT-0000
Election commission of India has announced elections to the Legislative assemblies of five states Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Mizoram, Rajasthan and NCT of Delhi. Election process is to be completed by December 13, 2008. Elections will be held in Phases in November and December. Election will be held as per new delimitation.
India: Bajrang Dal under threat of ban, plans massive expansion programme

Home Ministry compiles activity report on Bajrang Dal

Will be discussed on the forthcoming National Integration Council meeting
Author: Abhijit Roy Chowdhury - Published 10-10-2008 12:09 GMT-0000
New Delhi : The Home Ministry has compiled a detailed report on the activities of Bajrang Dal to be discussed on forthcoming National Integration Council meeting to be held on October 13.
India: Internal security

UPA allies to take on Interior Minister in Parliament

Home Minister Patil is under attack from allies
Author: Kushal Jeena - Published 10-10-2008 10:00 GMT-0000
New Delhi: Tough days are ahead for the Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil as the two key allies of the ruling United Progressive government have decided to put him on the dock during winter session of parliament for his failure to stem growing incidents of terrorist attacks in various parts of the country.
India: Police encounter

Ruling ally demands judicial probe in Jamia encounter

SP for CBI-investigation
Author: Kushal Jeena - Published 08-10-2008 09:55 GMT-0000
New Delhi: The Samajwadi Party has threatened to pull out of ruling United Progressive Alliance following the refusal by the government to order CBI enquiry into encounter in Delhi's Jamia Nagar area in which two alleged terrorists were killed.
India: Politics

BJP to get 90-100 seats in 15 Lok Sabha: Survey

Lack of popular face is the greatest worry
Author: Kushal Jeena - Published 07-10-2008 10:04 GMT-0000
New Delhi: With barely six months left for the next general elections the BJP has conducted an internal survey in which shocking results have revealed that party could get only 90 to 100 seats, which has left many leaders to do a lot of soul searching.

India: Common Service Centres

18,000 CSCs set up in the country, over 1 lakh scheduled by July next year

Roll Out Completed in Jharkhand and Haryana
Author: Gyan Pathak - Published 07-10-2008 09:58 GMT-0000
About 18,000 Common Service Centres (CSCs) have been set up in the country to provide IT enabled services to the people in the rural areas. These are part of the overall plan of the Government to establish One Lakh CSCs in 600,000 villages.
India: Killings of Christians in Orissa

UPA allies mount pressure on Union government to take action

A demand for banning Bajrang Dal and imposition of President's Rule
Author: Kushal Jeena - Published 06-10-2008 10:59 GMT-0000
New Delhi: The allies of the ruling United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government have mounted pressure on the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to ban the ultra-right pro-Hindutva organization Bajrang Dal.
India: The King of Ratnas

Rudraksh Market in India is worth 12 crore a month

Genuine beeds' market is worth only two crore
Author: Gyan Pathak - Published 06-10-2008 10:08 GMT-0000
Rudraksh, stone of the seed fruit of the same name, is so popular in India among devotees that the total worth of its market has reached the level of 12 crore rupees a month. However, genuine rudraksha beeds have the share of only two crores rupees, and the rest 10 crore market share is of fakes.
India: Revenue collection

Direct Tax collections registers 32.54% growth during first half of this fiscal

Continued high growth in TDS and FBT collections
Author: Gyan Pathak - Published 06-10-2008 10:02 GMT-0000
Net direct tax collections during first six months of the present fiscal (up to September 2008) stood at Rs.147,197 crore, up from Rs.111,055 crore, registering a growth of 32.54 percent.
India: General Election

Congress Party scouting for new alliance

Congress - Samajwadi Party alliance is all set for quiet burial
Author: Abhijit Roy Chowdhury - Published 04-10-2008 10:08 GMT-0000
New Delhi: From North to South and East to West, the Congress Party is now scouting for new alliance for the next general election.