Marxists first lit the Lalgarh fire

Mamata, Maoists follow suit
Author: Amulya Ganguli - Published 23-06-2009 08:53 GMT-0000
Lalgarh represents one of the worst political and administrative failures in recent memory. The responsibility for the collapse of the state machinery and normal political functioning in the area has to be borne by both the CPI(M) and the Trinamool Congress, for they both played into the hands of the Maoists by their highhandedness and cynicism.
FDI and exchange rate

FDI is interdependent over time

Exchange rate influences the average rate of FDI inflows
Author: Dr Gyan Pathak - Published 22-06-2009 08:40 GMT-0000
FDI is interdependent over time, and under a favorable FDI environment, the exchange rate has a positive and significant effect on the average rate of FDI inflows.
Rajasthan politics

Rajasthan BJP puts a premium on non-performance

Leaders responsible for poll debacle 'rewarded'
Author: Ahtesham Qureshy - Published 22-06-2009 07:50 GMT-0000
JAIPUR: The meeting of the Rajasthan unit of the BJP, which was convened to discuss the debacle the party suffered in the Lok Sabha elections from the state, was noted more for what it left unsaid than for what it discussed.
Punjab politics

Akali Dal - BJP face-off reaching the flash point

Time to end the ‘culture of violence’
Author: B.K. Chum - Published 22-06-2009 07:45 GMT-0000
Has a defining moment come in Punjab's ruling Akali Dal and BJP's relations? Is Akali Dal being overtaken by the culture of violence? The questions may appear half-baked but last week's two events justify their rationale.
India: Labour

Labour ministry receives a big boost, priorities outlined

National employment policy, skill development top the list
Author: Narendra Sharma - Published 22-06-2009 07:37 GMT-0000
NEW DELHI: Union Labour Minister Mallikarjun Kharge has indicated that expansion of skill development in a big way and promulgation of a National Employment Policy were uppermost in the list of priorities of his Ministry.
New Delhi Letter

BJP buffeted by post-election storm

CPI(M) struggling to apply correctives
Author: Political correspondent - Published 22-06-2009 07:32 GMT-0000
The BJP and the CPI(M), the most vehement opponents of the Manmohan Singh government, are in the midst of a severe post-defeat political turmoil. It is difficult to say which of the two is in deeper trouble. But the way the two rival parties have responded to their existential crisis provides a study in contrast.
New technology to produce bio-butanol from agri wastes

Butanol fast emerging as nextgen biofuel

Will it address environmental concerns ?
Author: ASHOK B SHARMA - Published 21-06-2009 07:26 GMT-0000
In the search for next generation bio-fuels, butanol produced by fermentation of agricultural products and wastes has emerged as a promising hope. Limited experiments suggest that butanol is an alternative fuel for spark ignition (SI) engines.
It is time to act

Swine flu pandemic : Who is to be blamed ?

The deadly virus did not spare India
Author: ASHOK B SHARMA - Published 20-06-2009 12:37 GMT-0000
India entered the global swine flu map with the first detection of a confirmed case on May 17, 2009. A 23-year old non-resident Indian who flew from New York to Hyderabad via Emirates Airways to meet his grand parents was tested positive for the deadly Influenza A - H1N1 - virus.

2009-10 budget must aim at lowering tax rates

Special facilities for senior citizens should get priority
Author: Nantoo Banerjee - Published 19-06-2009 10:19 GMT-0000
It is a budget document that few finance ministers would love to construct. The preparation of a fresh budget document which will simultaneously address the concerns of large fiscal deficit and steer the economy on to a higher growth path in the midst of a global and domestic recession must have robbed Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee and his key advisers of many a night's sleep.

Indian position on US dollar vindicated

BRIC summit opts for common agenda with caution
Author: Nitya Chakraborty - Published 19-06-2009 10:14 GMT-0000
NEW DELHI: India has been able to significantly steer the course of discussions at the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) summit in Yakaterinburg, Russia towards a cautious approach on the replacement of US dollar as the international reserve currency.

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