Half the population of India to reside in urban settlements by 2051

The number of million plus cities would be 75
Author: Gyan Pathak - Published 08-08-2008 11:47 GMT-0000
The Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India and GTZ, a German company, have signed an Indo-Germean technical co-operation today.


Part of a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Mulu National Park would be submerged
Author: gyanpathak - Published 17-07-2008 17:08 GMT-0000
A secret document accidentally posted on the internet reveals plans to build a series of massive hydroelectric dams in the Malaysian state of Sarawak, submerging the homes of at least a thousand Penan, Kelabit and Kenyah tribal people, says a press relese of the Survival International.

Does India not realise how immense the suffering

Where am I?...I don't know

I am being persecuted
Author: Taslima Nasreen - Published 13-02-2008 12:58 GMT-0000
Where am I? I am certain no one will believe me if I say I have no answer to this apparently straightforward question, but the truth is I just do not know. And if I were to be asked how I am, I would again answer: I don’t know. I am like the living dead: benumbed; robbed of the pleasure of existence and experience; unable to move beyond the claustrophobic confines of my room. Day and night, night and day. Yes, this is how I have been surviving.
Rewriting history

Why Israel got the history textbooks rewritten

The approved textbook includes the Palestinian view of the creation of Israel
Author: GyanPathak - Published 23-07-2007 11:52 GMT-0000
Getting the history of a nation rewritten is an old practice in the history of many nations of the world. Most of the time the motif behind such exercises is political. However, what is happening in Israel is something different.
International Politics


Why not the rich nations care for the poor ones
Author: GyanPathak - Published 23-07-2007 05:54 GMT-0000
The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank have always been keen on “reforming” the world but not themselves. These have, in fact, become the instrument of the big countries, especially the United States, to control the world in the name of cooperation, good governance and development. The leaderships of the poor and developing countries fall prey to it in their bid to avoid their own domestic crises and for their own survival at the cost of their people. They, obviously, are not in a position to force “reform”
Asian Development Bank

Nexus of Energy consumption level, Environment and poverty

Strong correlation between per capita energy and Human development
Author: GyanPathak - Published 26-06-2007 06:38 GMT-0000
There exists a strong correlation between per capita energy, specifically electricity, consumption, and levels of human development. We need a minimum consumption of 4,000 kWh/capita for a “decent” living, says a recent report of Asian Development Bank.

Nuclear Terrorism and the United Nations

Apprehensions of the member states need to be addressed
Author: GyanPathak - Published 14-06-2007 07:02 GMT-0000
The nuclear terrorism is indeed one of the most serious threats of our time. Even one such attack could inflict mass casualties and create immense suffering and unwanted change in the world forever. This prospect should compel all of us to act to prevent such a catastrophe,...

Climate Change and the question of survival of the Earth

What should be done to save the World
Author: GyanPathak - Published 07-06-2007 09:04 GMT-0000
World focus has again been shifted to global climate change. It has been discussed within the UN frameworks and G8 summits of the industrialized and developed nations. However, the results are far from satisfactory. If the things are to continue in the same pace and with the same mind-set, the world is bound to undergo a great suffering.

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