Why Dharm ?

The beginning of a great journey

Where we have lost the path to bliss
Author: Gyan Pathak - Published 18-10-2007 09:10 GMT-0000
Many of our rites and practices are yet cruel, and many of them are nothing but superstitions. It certainly means that people have a very low idea of religions. The result is before us. We do not have the peace of mind and the happiness, more properly the bliss, that the religions suppose to give us.
Delhi: City of Yoginis

The Unknown Realms of Delhi

Political intrigues, invations and bondage, and the freedom
Author: GyanPathak - Published 02-05-2007 05:58 GMT-0000
This is really an adventure into the unknown realms of Delhi that led the author of the book 'Delhi: City of Yoginis' into a new world of magical symbolism and the mystical realm of Yogamaya, the mother and life giver to all. This is perhaps one of the most ignored heritage that we, the people and the power, are unaware of.

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